SolarTherm solar water heating systems are designed and manufactured to optimise the heat absorption and efficient heat transfer from solar collector to the water running in the copper riser tubes of the panel. Heated water is transferred to the insulated hot water storage tank by using forced circulation system. The heated water is stored in centrally located large storage tanks with necessary control systems.

Since 1982, SolarTherm has established themselves as a 100% solar power solutions provider. As the market Leader in the industry, SolarThem lives to the promise of continued quality and reliable service.

SolarTherm is the most sought after commercial solar water heating systems provider, using latest technologies and expertise in the large capacity water heating systems designed for customer requirements.

SolarTherm Hot Water Storage Tanks are constructed from 304L – 316 food Grade Stainless Steel with the right thickness, a corrosion-free material, which is safe and durable, requires minimum maintenance.

SolarTherm solar collectors are manufactured to optimise efficiency by using selective heat absorbant surfaces and copper riser tubes embedded to the collector surfaces by using ultrasonic fusion bonding technology. This is to increase the efficiency of the heat transfer.