No, the solar system will not operate during a power failure as the inverter will shut down in seconds when the grid power is not available.

Solar panels are made in Germany and the inverter is made in Austria.

What is the warranty period of the solar system?

The solar panels carry 20 years product warranty and 80% manufacturer’s performance warranty upto 25 years

What are the net metering schemes available?
At what stage do we decide on the net metering scheme to be selected?
How is the Solar system capacity decided?

The solar system capacity is decided on ones electricity consumption or units/kWh consumed during a month. An average of 03 month’s consumption is taken.

Does the client need to visit CEB to apply for a net meter?
What are the typical requirements for a solar net metering system installation?
Is there any after sales service available?
What are the payments plans available?
Does the system cost include net meter charges?