Soorya Bala Sangramaya (Battle for Solar Energy) – The Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company launched the Soorya Bala Sangramaya in 2016, with the intention of promoting and setting up small-scale solar power plants on rooftops of households, religious places, hotels, commercial establishments and industries, it is expected to add 200 MW of solar electricity to the national grid by 2020 and 1500 MW by 2025.

The programme accommodates three options for consumers to generate and use electricity in their households: Net Metering, Net Accounting and Net Plus.


Premium Solar Panels with superior performance

REC TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 Series solar panels feature an innovative design with the higher panel efficiency of monocrystalline cells, enabling customers to get the most out of the space used for the installation. Combined with industry – leading product quality and the reliability of a strong and established European brand, REC TwinPeak 2S Mono 72 Series are ideal for all types of residential, commercial rooftop and utility installations islandwide.


REC TwinPeak 2 Mono panels are packed with the same advanced REC TwinPeak technologies that have won REC multiple awards. This p-type mono variant offers higher power output per square meter of panels installed. Compared to standard 60-cell panels on a multicrystalline (poly) platform, you get at least 25 Wp more per panel!


Panels with REC TwinPeak technologies have a unique “twin” design, which enables them to generate electricity even when they are partially shaded. Over time, you get a higher yield from your installation.


By delivering more power per square meter, you need fewer REC TwinPeak 2 Mono panels to generate the same power. This means quicker installation times and the need for fewer components such as clamps and racks. All of which reduces your overall costs, shortening the payback time.


Fronius – Fronius was founded in 1945 and has been continued to thrive on its passion for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionary solutions. As a technology leader, the company finds, develops and implements innovative methods to monitor and control energy for photovoltaics and battery charging. Fronius online system monitoring provides data communication solutions for PV systems, ensuring reliable system monitoring and straightforward integration into other systems. The hardware is quick to install and the software easy to use. SolarTherm is the authorised service partner for Fronius Inverters in Sri Lanka with Service Partner PLUS certified.

Country of manufacture – Austria

Country of origin – Germany

SMA Inverters are originated in Germany suitable for all module types including grid-connections, small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range. SMA Inverters are even suitable for utility-scale PV power plants up to the multi megawatt range.

Designed for optimum performance and maximum yields, SMA inverters are an economical solution for shade mitigation and the challenges of complex roofs. Moreover, it comes complete with grid-management capabilities, ensuring a utility-compliant solution for customers operating in any market. SMA is represented in Germany, USA, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, China, Australia, Belgium, India, Poland, Japan, UK, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.