About SolarTherm

Our story began many decades ago with the vision of becoming the most technologically advanced solar energy company. Solar Therm being the longest serving solar brand is an assurance our customers can rely on.

40 years dedication for Solar Energy

Solar Hot Water

Solar Therm, in collaboration with the national engineering and research center, has spearheaded the development of the inaugural Sri Lankan Solar Water Heater. With a diverse clientele spanning households and commercial entities, our installations stand as exemplars of superior performance and reliability within the industry. Leveraging over four decades of expertise, Solar Therm has consistently pioneered technological innovations that have become integral to major solar hot water systems nationwide, cementing our position as industry leaders.

Solar Electricity

over 40 years excellence, since 1982We are among the pioneering companies in the field of Solar Electricity systems, commonly referred to as Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Our involvement in this industry dates back to the mid1990s, where we established ourselves as leaders in implementing the latest technological advancements. Our initial installations continue to serve as benchmarks for excellence. As trailblazers, our grid-connected systems were among the first to be deployed and have remained operational to this day. Solar Therm boasts the largest customer base in Sri Lanka for solar installations, offering a range of solutions from small-scale solar electricity systems to large utility-scale projects.

SolarTherm - Alpha Thermal Systems
SolarTherm - Alpha Thermal Systems

Our Vision

Striving to be the most dependable, innovative and preferred solar energy solutions provider in Sri Lanka with strong focus on excellent service, genuine products with guarantee and concern for sustainability of natural environment, that we believe can be attained through natural energy production.

Oldest solar company in Sri Lanka in operation since 1982

SolarTherm is the pioneer in the solar industry and the oldest solar company in continuous business in Sri Lanka.

Market Leader in the Solar Industry in Sri Lanka

SolarTherm built the largest ground mounted privately owned solar park with 2.75 MW capacity. SolarTherm has contributed over 50 MW to the national grid, and largest commercial water heating installation of 18,000 litre capacity in Sri Lanka, SolarTherm is undoubtedly No.1 in the industry.

First company in the country to recognize the value of sun’s free energy
SolarTherm - Alpha Thermal Systems
Our Partners

Our partners are the cornerstone of our success, representing a diverse network of organizations and individuals who share our vision and values. Together, we forge collaborative relationships that drive innovation, expand opportunities, and achieve shared goals

ja solar

With continuous technological innovation, stable financial strengths, and a well-developed global sales and service network, JA Solar has been widely recognized by domestic and international customers and has been listed in the "Fortune 500 China 500" and "Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises" for multiple consecutive years.


Established in 2005, Solis (Stock Code: 300763.SZ) is one of most experienced and largest manufacturers of solar inverters. Presented under the Solis brand, the company's solar inverter product line uses innovative string technology to deliver first-class reliability, validated under the most stringent international certifications.


Solahart has been Australia’s leading name in solar since 1953. With 70 years of experience in solar, they’ve installed more than a million systems and developed a reputation for unmatched quality and reliability. Solahart offers a complete renewable energy solution including solar power, solar hot water, heat pumps & battery storage


Grundfos water pumps are used to boost low water pressure, remove waste, and transport pure drinking water to millions of users worldwide. Solartherm is the authorized dealer & service partner for Grundfos service & solutions in Sri Lanka

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