Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the main requirements for a solar grid tied system installation?

* Permanent Grid electricity supply
* Sufficient roof space with no roof shadingsy
* Electricity bill under the consumer’s name

2. Can a solar grid system power the house during a main grid power failure?

* No, the solar system will not function during a main grid power failure as the inverter will shut down seconds after the power cut

3. Is there a battery backup available with the solar grid tied system?

* There is no battery backup available with the grid tied system as the main purpose of the grid tied system is to reduce the electricity bill and to not be used as an alternative means to power during a power failure.

4. Is it possible to connect a single solar system to two separate houses?

* A single solar system cannot be connected to two separate houses according to CEB/LECO rules and regulations.

5. What are the documents required in order to apply for a net meter?

* Signed CEB/LECO application by the electricity bill account holder, electricity bill copy, NIC copy. A copy of the first page of a savings bank book/bank statement is required for net accounting scheme.

6. What is the maximum solar capacity that can be installed to a single phase wired house?

* A single phase wired house can accommodate a maximum of 5.9kW solar system according to CEB rules and regulations.

7. What is the process in applying for a net meter and how long does it take for CEB/LECO to install the meter?

* After the installation of the solar system the client needs to hand over the net metering documents as requested to SolarTherm in order to proceed for the net meter. SolarTherm will then hand over all documents with necessary technical details to CEB/LECO on behalf of the client. CEB/LECO will visit the site within one week of handing over the documents and arrange an estimate for the net meter. SolarTherm will co-ordinate with CEB/LECO to get the estimate and will make arrangements to make the payment. Once the estimate is paid SolarTherm will co-ordinate with CEB/LECO until the meter is installed. This process will take nearly 03 to 04 weeks depending on the availability of meters at CEB/LECO.

8.How is the payment received from CEB/LECO for the excess generation exported in the Net Accounting Scheme?

* CEB/LECO will credit the payment monthly to the consumers bank account provided

9. What is the process in obtaining the LECO loan facility and the interest rate?

* To obtain the loan a pre-site visit and quotation need to be obtained from Solar Therm. The client needs to hand over the signed quotation with necessary technical details of the system with the completed LECO loan application to the relevant LECO branch. LECO will evaluate the documents and provide a letter addressing to NSB stating the loan approval. The client needs to then hand over the letter issued by LECO and necessary documents requested by NSB to process the loan. The maximum LECO loan provided is LKR 1 million and the repayment period is 05 years. Once the loan is approved NSB will release a 40% advance payment to start the installation and the balance will be released only after completion of the installation.

10. What are the finance schemes and which institutions are available for solar system?

* You get a warranty of 10 years on SolarTherm solar water heaters.

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