How to differentiate genuine solar electricity providers from mushroom companies

We’ve spoken earlier in details a few ways on how to identify the reliability of your solar electricity provider. Today, we are here to speak on similar lines especially, on the topic of the fast growing number of mushroom “solar” companies. Market dynamics have undergone drastic change from what it was a decade ago to what it is now. Solar electricity and solar water heating have become more accessible to a larger number of people, both in terms of the larger number of solar electricity and water heating providers as well as the lower start up cost in solar electricity investment.

While the shift in the economics of this seems like a good thing, which is, especially with solar electricity becoming more accessible to a majority of people, what’s not as great is the increasing unreliability of these newer solar electricity and water heating providers. It’s important that as consumers that you are not only aware of the product you are investing in but also have done your background research on the status of the company that is selling you the products.

What’s their sales pitch?

One of the first indicators of identifying the genuinity of your solar electricity or water heating provider is to try an understand their sales pitch. Is the solar electricity or water heating company trying to sell you a product from their portfolio or are they actually offering you a solution as a service to help mitigate your expenses on electricity? Have you been made aware of how your investment could potentially earn you money as well? Doing your research beforehand and going prepared to meet your potential solar electricity provider would also help you best gauge on how much the company would be aware of their product as well.

Remember that if the company is constantly trying to sell you a lower priced product, it might not always be for the best. For instance, a good quality PV system or solar water heating system lasts a good 15-20 years or beyond. If the new (mushroom) company offers you a discount of 20-25% from regular market prices, remember that in the long run it might only cut back on some of the savings you are to receive. For a good solar water heating system or PV system not only lasts as long, but will also grant you an additional over a period of 20-30 years. So the discount that you initially receive from a cheaper and lower quality product, might also directly impact the additional income you are to benefit from and not let you recover the initial spending.

How long have they been in business?

Net Metering

Another indicator of knowing what they are offering you in a product or service is to see how long they’ve been in business. While this indicator might be a tricky one ( not all new companies are out there to scam you), there is a high probability that a solar electricity provider that has been there a long time in the business has probably survived thanks to their credibility and reliability.

Rely on recommendations

The final most important indicator is recommendations and feedback. Speak to a few friends, family and other customers who have switched to solar and ask them about their service provider. If it’s a possibility, speak to those who converted to solar years before and those who did so only a very recently as this would also help you get a better understanding of the companies. Don’t rush into decisions. Solar electricity is a great investment both for you and the environment but unless done correctly, your investment would not be worth the price.

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