How reliable is your solar electricity provider?

Making the shift to solar is often not just sustainable from an environmental point of view but also lucrative in the long-run when calculating savings. However, if either your system is faulty or worse, you are not reaping the benefits of your investment, the switch to solar is not only wasted financially but also defeats the purpose of embracing environmentally sustainable technology.  

Here are three steps to help gauge the reliability of your solar electricity provider.

Country of origin

More often than not, the better quality solar electricity systems including panels are manufactured in Germany as the country has the most number of solar module and inverter manufacturers in the whole of Europe. Hence, the cost you pay for your solar electricity system can be considerably higher. However, an increasing number of solar electricity providers are being bulk manufactured in China making it an attractively affordable option to most households. While the initial investment may seem like a saving thanks to the low cost of substandard raw materials, unless certified and manufactured as per global industry standards, chances are that the solar electricity system atop your roof may be faulty.

While our solar solutions at SolarTherm may not be at the lowest in the price index, we only bring down German-made industry-grade systems ensuring reliability and longevity in all our offerings.

Selecting your service provider

How long has it been since you installed your solar electricity system and how long has it been since your solar electricity provider reached out to you? It is important to monitor the performance of the system and the company you are linked with should take responsibility and be committed to ensuring the promised power output in the long run. More often than not, the plethora of mushroom companies that bring down rejected and damaged solar electricity equipment to Sri Lanka, sell them at attractive prices to ill-informed domestic consumers, closes shop and leaves them astray. When selecting your solar electricity provider, do not rush to finalize on the most attractive price. Keep in mind that it is after all an investment and do a bit of research on their market share, how long they’ve been in the industry – including assessing their track record of completed projects, customer feedback – and most importantly, where their products come from.

What’s your ROI?

Are you making any returns on your solar electricity system? Better yet, are you saving anything on your current electricity bill? Has your solar electricity provider educated you on the Soorya Bala Sangramaya scheme? What is your total return in rupees and cents during the lifespan of the product compared to the various other brands available in the market?

These are a few pertinent questions to keep in mind when choosing your solar electricity provider and gauging the reliability of the said service provider. These questions will also provide you with an understanding of how knowledgeable is your solar electricity provider and whether in the long run, the product will meet the promised return on your investment.

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