Why should you invest in a good quality water heater?

Despite being the sunny tropical not to forget warm isle Sri Lanka is, it is not common to see the use of hot water in households even in the cities bordering the coastline. While to most, hot water is still considered a luxury, the popularity and availability of hot water has caught on and more houses use hot water than before. There is an estimated 150,000 solar-powered hot water units in the country of which, 90,000 have been supplied for by SolarTherm.

However, hot water, like other appliances and luxuries you would invest on to not only upgrade your lifestyle but also make living conditions more convenient, comes at a cost. Should this investment not be of good quality, there is a very likely possibility of continuous recurring costs in terms of repairs and maintenance. Here are a few benefits that result in investing in high-quality water heaters.

Extra Savings and also a Return on your Investment  

One of the most attractive benefits of investing in a quality solar water heater is the savings you would have on your electricity bill. As a result of not being dependent on electricity for water heating not only are you able to have considerable savings but also end up with a lasting unit with an extended lifespan as a result of the quality of raw materials used. Moreover, while being entitled to all savings, you will also make a return on your investment over a period of time. Given below is a table explaining the same.

SolarTherm water heater capacityNumber of units saved (kWh)Saving on monthly electricity bill (LKR)Payback period for SolarTherm water heater
75 L65.62173.12536 months
100 L88.53202.5032 months
150 L131.55137.524 months
200 L1757095.0020 months
300 L262.511032.5018 months

Extended lifespan

As a result of investing in a quality solar water heater, your product is guaranteed to last 20-25 years or more if maintained as per instructions. Not only does proper maintenance result in the longevity and extended life span of your solar water heater, but you will also have a trouble-free fully-functional unit working round the clock complete with guaranteed savings. One of the most commonly observed issues in the industry are abandoned water heaters by various mushroom companies and manufacturers abandoning their customers and not providing any kind of after-sales services.

Safe Clean Water

While quality water heaters result in the longevity of the unit and a return on your investment, did you also know that a unit such as the food-grade stainless steel 304l unit makes heated water safe for usage. These units come equipped with safety features including vacuum breakers and pressure relief valves that ensure its safety on your roof. SolarTherm water heaters have a number of copper tubes in a panel with a black chromated absorber surface that heats water in a shorter timespan making the unit efficient and durable. The solar collector panel also has special low iron tempered solar glass to protect the panel from environmental hazards.

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